Thursday, March 8, 2007

A gift of nature to heal.

Listed below are some common problems and ailments which can easily be cured from the use of Water:Keeps Headaches at bayThree quarters of your brain is water so if you need a top-up, this is one of the first places that will feel it. If your headache is caused by alcohol, then drinking lots of water - particularly before bed - will help get rid of it by flushing out toxins and re-hydrating the brain.Reduces InfectionsThe lymphatic system is your waste disposal system, breaking down toxins like caffeine before passing them into the blood stream. Dehydration weakens the flow of lymph in the system and makes the body less resistant to infection.With Water, lymph flows properly again, fighting infection and lowering feverish temperatures. SkinSkin needs water for elasticity, so too little water leaves it looking dry, looking lined and feeling delicate. ConcentrationYour body needs water to help flush out poisons from things like junk food and additives. If you are dehydrated, toxins hang around in the liver, making you tired and unable to concentrate. Water swills the poisons out and gets the system moving again.Banishes BagsSunken eyes and under eye circles are signs that you need water. Eyes sink because there isn't enough water to keep them suspended in the eye socket. Under-eye circles are due to thin skin being bruised as fluid drains away. CrampsBlood transports oxygen to the muscles for activities such as exercise. If there isn't enough oxygen in the blood, the muscles create lactic acid which causes painful cramp. Drinking more water helps to keep blood pumped with oxygen. Reduces CystitisA healthy hydrated body removes waste with light yellow virtually odourless urine. If you are not drinking enough, the darker urine is more highly concentrated and waste products linger in the bladder, leaving you prone to cystitis and kidney infections. DigestionWithout Water the contents of the colon (lower intestine) can dry out and get stuck, eventually causing diverticulitis. Constipation can also be a problem, because water is needed to bulk out faeces. Drinking water, along with taking in water from Fruit and Vegetables, helps to rehydrate this wasteFluid RetentionWhen you are felling puffy as women often do before a period, drinking water isn't your immediate thought. But it's the best treatment for reducing fluid retention. If your body doesn't get enough water, it senses there is a shortage and begins to retain every drop it needs for vital daily processes. BreathBad breath is a classic sign that you need to boost your water intake. Saliva helps cleanse the teeth of bacteria and keeps the tongue hydrated. Lack of water dries the mouth, leads to furry tongue and prevents bacteria from being washed away, all of which can cause halitosis

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.Water is a chemical substance that is essential to all known forms of life[citation needed]. It covers 71% of Earth's surface. There are 1.4 billion cubic kilometers (330 million mi³)[1] of it available on Earth. It appears mostly in the oceans (saltwater) and polar ice caps, but it is also present as clouds, rain water, rivers, freshwater aquifers, lakes, airborne vapour and sea ice. Water in these bodies perpetually moves through a cycle of evaporation, precipitation, and runoff to the sea. Clean water is essential to human life. In many parts of the world, it is in short supply. Outside of our planet, a significant quantity of water is thought to exist on the moons Europa and Enceladus.

importance of water

Health Benefits of Water
Critical for all the body's functions
"Water is critical to the balance of all the body's systems, including the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and muscles. Proper hydration is the bedrock for maintaining healthy blood flow, kidney function, salt/electrolyte balance and digestive functions."

More than a quench

More than a quench
10 ways public water helps you look younger and feel energized We've all been encouraged to drink eight glasses of water each day, but many of us don’t know the full extent of water's benefits. Here are just some of the ways water acts as a natural health supplement in your life: Public Water helps us live healthier, longer livesIn the past 100 years, life expectancy has increased by more than 30 years. According to Jeffrey Griffiths, MD, of Tufts University School of Medicine, much of the credit for a longer life span goes to advancements in clean water, clean food, and wastewater treatment. Reduces daytime fatigue Improves memory Nourishes skin Essential for digestion, nutrient absorption and chemical reactions Helps remove toxins from your body Aids circulation Regulates your body's cooling system May prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections Improves muscle tone Helps lubricate joints